Like many modern neighborhoods, Cipriana Park is governed by a Property Owners Association (POA). The role of the POA is to manage common areas and shared assets, preserve property values, provide assistance to residents and develop a sense of community through opportunities to connect. By closing on a home in the neighborhood, all owners automatically become a part of the POA and consent to submit to the POA’s governing documents. Additionally, they agree to contribute to the neighborhood’s upkeep and management through regular monthly assessments. An elected five-member Board of Directors (BOD) composed of resident volunteers helps  to oversee the functions of the POA by appointing committees and selecting contractors to provide any necessary neighborhood-wide services. Foremost among these service providers is the neighborhood’s management company, who, at the direction of the BOD, handles the POA’s finances, helps to enforce policies and provides vendor management and meeting support.

To find contact information for Cipriana Park’s BOD, or to see copies of the neighborhood’s current governing documents, including its Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), bylaws and architectural guidelines, login to TownSq.