TownSq is an online communication, file and service system used by Waccamaw Management to connect with Cipriana Park residents. Homeowners registered with TownSq can use the site to pay their Property Owners Association (POA) fees, file for an Architectural Review and find copies of current governing documents. Additionally, all neighborhood announcements, including invitations to neighborhood events, newsletters and annual POA meeting notices are posted in and sent through TownSq. 

A TownSq account number for the Cipriana Park site is automatically generated for each homeowner upon the home’s closing, and then printed on coupons mailed to the homeowner by Waccamaw Management. A second, separate TownSq account number for the Grande Dunes Master Association is automatically generated as well, and conveyed to homeowners via a welcome letter. The information shared through the Cipriana Park TownSq site and that of the Grande Dunes Master Association’s is different, since documents and announcements on the Cipriana Park system only pertain to that neighborhood, while news and files for the Master Association cover the whole of Grande Dunes. Registering both accounts is highly encouraged, ad step-by-step instructions for doing so is available below.

For questions about TownSq, or to obtain your account number(s), please contact the Grande Dunes Communications Manager at (843) 314-8662.

To log in to TownSq or register an account, click here.