The Board of Directors (BOD) for Cipriana Park’s Property Owners Association (POA) has appointed several committees to help with special projects around the neighborhood.   These committees include:

Special Events: This committee has been established to plan and execute a broad range of activities that will promote camaraderie and foster community engagement utilizing the skills and talents of residents. Some of the most recent events that this committee has coordinated include a Spooktacular Halloween party and an Endless Summer Nights barbeque.

Neighborhood Caring: This committee has been established to provide support and information to new and existing homeowners in Cipriana Park. The committee is comprised of three teams: the Neighborhood Directory team, the Welcome team and the Caring Assistance team. The Neighborhood Directory Team maintains an index of resident contact information, the Welcome team presents a welcome basket brimming with goodies and resources to new homeowners, and the Caring Assistance team provides food, transportation and other services to homeowners in crisis.

Landscaping: This committee has been established to maintain and beautify all common areas mutually owned by residents in order to increase their enjoyment and ensure the preservation of neighborhood property values.

Common Area: This committee has been established to research, study and plan for the long-term maintenance and potential beautification of the neighborhood’s common areas, including shared easements, entrances, fountains, ponds and trees.

Architectural Review: This committee has been established to evaluate requests from homeowners wanting to make improvements or changes to their home or property, as well as to maintain an accurate record of these requests.

For more information about Cipriana Park’s committees, including their charters and membership, please login to TownSq.