Architectural Review

One of the primary goals of the Cipriana Park Property Owners Association (POA) is to maintain the neighborhood’s property values. To accomplish this, the Board of Directors (BOD) has established an architectural review process to ensure that exterior changes and improvements to individual homes uphold the neighborhood’s overall aesthetic. This process is administered by a BOD- appointed Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and generally flows as follows:

  1. The homeowner submits a Minor Modification Application form, along with a notated copy of their plat (official diagram of their lot), a scope of work and any relevant or requested supporting materials to the committee. If the project includes removing a tree, the Tree Removal Application must be submitted. If the project includes work that involves a neighbor’s property, like a shared fence, the Adjoining Lot Agreement must be submitted as well.
  2. The committee ensures the submission is complete, and if it is not, they ask the homeowner for more information.
  3. The committee compares the request against the ARC Guidelines and CC&Rs to determine if it meets with the neighborhood’s standards. 
  4. If the request is approved, the committee issues an Architectural Review Completion Certification to the homeowner. If the request is denied, the committee notifies the homeowner of the decision in writing. The homeowner can then change their plans and submit again or request an appeal with the BOD.